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Reflect Catering Consultancy Ltd have been providing our Clients with a consultancy service for ten years. Ron Wyatt, our principal consultant, has extensive experience within the catering industry, including working within Education, Contract Catering, Business & Industry, Retail, Restaurants, Commercial and Hotels. Ron has worked for some of the largest catering contractors in operations, business development, project management and systems. He has worked on multi-million-pound projects and managed many millions in budgets.

Why Choose us

We are completely independent and impartial catering consultants and have no affiliations with suppliers. We earn our income by agreed fees only. Our experience in reviewing Client's businesses and providing support and solutions to increase their sales and reduce your costs is paramount to success. Please click on the links below for additional information on the services and solution our catering consultants can offer you.

Our Mission

Our catering consultancy aim is to enhance our Clients business whether in-house, managed, contracted or private. We will review your catering services, recommend an action plan with an implementation process that will deliver. We will create a successful food service with reduced costs for your business by improving the management processes, support and training necessary to provide the catering solution.

Some of our catering consultancy solutions

Restaurant South Wales

New Build Restaurant in WalesThis picture is one of our designed restaurant in Wales. The restaurant 46 covers is a modern coffee shop style designed. The facility is located within a complex and is an integral part of the site services.

Finance Issues

Catering ChefOur report leads to an implementation plan to restructure our Clients financial catering services. Have the same problem?  Then please contact us our catering consultants are here to help you.

COLLEGE catering Review

Reflect Catering Consultancy ReviewOur audit review of our Clients catering services and operating procedures identified areas of concern, our interim consultant working with our audit processes managed the college back on track.

Need Help and Assistance Fast?

We offer full customer support on all of our projects. Please visit our web page Solutions for more information. Need more? We also offer a variety of helpful resources as well as custom catering design services for your modification or refurbishment needs. Require catering consulting?

Registered in England and Wales company number 5428780

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