Reflect Catering Consultancy Ltd Additional Options

Our Catering Consultants have listed below some of our additional services and options available for you, with a section from some of our Clients which have asked for advice and assistance. If you would like to discuss anything which we can help and support you, please contact us.

Selection of Services

We Thought it might be useful to you if we include our additional services for our potential and existing Clients, This section will give you an idea of the services we can offer. Please see below the list and call our catering consultants if we can assist you.

Catering Consultancy person

Services Available

  • Advice, support, and guidance on achieving profit
  • Catering reviews, business reviews and reports
  • Restaurant analysis for sales and profit
  • Contract monitoring on caterers
  • Accounting and Financial monitoring systems
  • Developing your facilities
  • Operational support, training support
  • Hygiene audits
  • Financial audits
  • Tender specifications and processes
  • Customer surveys
  • Mystery shopper
  • Catering review
  • Service reviews
  • Management cover and support
  • Executive lease
  • Project management
  • Benchmarking

Client Options

Our catering consultancy aim is to assist our clients business, delivering service solutions, create exciting new facilities, and reducing your food cost. If you are contracted out, we will manage the contract by monthly monitoring and a report.

Catering operational reviews


  • Food service delivery
  • Best practice across service areas
  • Quality audit control
  • Purchasing support and recommendations
  • Monitoring service for catering sector
  • Financial controls systems
  • New development
  • Hand holding negotiations
  • Preparing tender specifications
  • Refurbishment projects
  • Management projects
  • Design and planning
  • Light equipment
  • Heavy equipment
  • Management training
  • Staff training
  • Consultant support on all projects
  • Catering Consulting

Client Issues

This section highlights some of the questions our Clients have asked if we can assist and help to resolve their problems. The list below are just a few issues that we have helped our clients, which you may well find relating to your business.

Catering meeting support

Client Related Issues

  • Do you satisfy your customer's needs?
  • Are you contractors complacent?
  • Is it time for a review of your services?
  • Reduce your costs and add value to your catering services?
  • Is financial control in place to monitor your business?
  • Is it time for a fresh look at your catering arrangements?
  • Are you compliant?
  • Is your gross profit and costs under control?
  • Will you be tendering your catering services soon?
  • Overall are you happy with your catering services?
  • Do you need a Mystery shopper?
  • Are you looking for a service review?
  • Management cover and support?
  • Require Executive lease/management support?