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Our catering consultants have found some useful links which you may find interesting and informative:

  • Health & Safety in Catering
  • Food Standards Agency
  • Education and Learning
  • Caterer Directory
  • Latest Hospitality News
  • Food and Recipes News
  • Excellent News on Children's Food
  • UK Business Directory
  • Excellent Nutritionist Advice

1Choice & Value

Our first initial consultation is free; We are completely independent and impartial catering consultants. We aim to deliver the Clients Objectives.

2Audit Friendly

We offer three different types of audits to ensure your catering facilities are operating to your budgets, Health & Safety. Financial and Customer focus. These reviews are designed to improve your services.

3Professional Approach

With our vast experience of operating catering establishments, we are acutely aware of the opportunities to save our clients money. If you require a professional approach, then please contact us.

4Food Service

Our catering consultants are professional food service operators providing advice and support for the catering industry. We aim to provide excellent food standards and service controlled by an audit process.

Get Creative

Reflect Catering Consultancy Ltd can offer Clients a full consultancy service from design and planning, catering equipment, food service equipment and light equipment. New builds and refurbishments to brands concepts and our excellent audits and financial control systems.

It's no secret that our services have always been a smart, logical, and cost-effective route for those who want a successful catering operation.

Need Help Fast?

Catering Customer supportIf you find you need urgent attention or are losing profit and not sure where then please contact us now, we have the answers.

Need more? We also offer a variety of helpful resources as well as a design services for your catering facilities requirements. Please see our brochure for our services.