Our Catering Consultancy Services: What we offer our Clients

Catering Consultancy ServicesWe are passionate about the services we offer our clients, we believe in providing a sustainable solution to meet your objectives, therefore creating the right solution for your company. Reflect Catering Consultancy Ltd offer the best in food planning and strategy advice including tendering of contracts and product evaluation - ensuring your customers get the best service while you get excellent value.

Want to make sure your catering is performing?

Client Review  Thank you, your review of our services certainly opened our eyes to the problems within our services. Your catering consultant was very helpful with our concerns.

Need an understanding of your costs; our new revised financial control system offers our Clients the opportunity to review their catering services on week by week basis. The system is tailored to suit the catering needs and takes into consideration all the aspects of the site facilities. Showing invoice values, sales targets, gross profit and net costs, even explain how well you are performing against the budget, a genuinely secure system to operate. Please contact our catering consultants if you require a catering consulting meeting.

Client Review Packages

Catering Consultants Review ServicesWe offer our client's three business review packages to suit your needs, the first package is a standard report with recommendations, the second review is a full review looking more in-depth with some additional services and then a full review plus taking all the other reviews with additional services.

Audit & Financial Reviews

Catering Support OptionsReflect Catering Consultancy Ltd offer service and financial reviews to our new and existing Clients. Our audits are in-depth and will highlight any malpractices; and we provide health & safety, financial and customer experience audits. For more information on our services, please see our Additional Options page.

Recent News

Reflect Catering Consultancy Ltd have just completed a review of a Hampshire College catering services and have successfully implemented their recommendations for improvement and are please to say that the college is back on track and looking forward to their new services. If you would like a review of your catering services,  then please contact our catering consultants.