Reflect Catering Consultancy Ltd - Solutions Showcase

Reflect Catering Consultancy Ltd are delighted to share with you some achievements which have given our clients the opportunity to develop their catering services to their full potential. Below you will find some excellent solutions for new build and the refurbishment of our Clients businesses. We offer new and prospective customers the opportunity to develop their catering facilities through our network of experienced designers and consultants. To ensure you receive the design and service required Reflect Catering Consultancy Ltd will work closely with the Client and their team to deliver the result.

Our Catering Consultants Features

Excellent Service We are extremely impressed with the service we received from Reflect Catering Consultancy Ltd and thank you for delivering our prize restaurant.

Reflect Catering ConsultancyImplemented new restaurant in Wales our catering consultants have now opened the newly created restaurant for our clients in Wales. The restaurant seats 46 covers and is designed for all customers. The new facility is located within a complex and is an integral part of the site services. Watch this space for further updates and pictures.

Part of the process was to install our financial control system the packaged designed for restaurants was introduced into the catering system. We supplied training with the manager, and the system was set up to accommodate the catering outlet. Within the first month of operation, the restaurant was achieving the required gross profit and sales were exceeding the budget. A successful development by the Clients team and Reflect Catering Consultancy Ltd. Our catering consultants are available to discuss any financial system you require.

Another review

Our latest review of our Clients College catering services and operating procedures identified the areas of concern, and with the assistance of our interim consultant working with the manager and implementing our financial control system, we were able to bring the College finances back into budget. We further improved the overall food and quality standards, and the College is now achieving nil subsidy.

Our Catering Consultancy Solution

Another finance system in place, we have incorporated our financial control system within a College in Somerset, it has been designed to break down each location and report on gross profit, labour and net profit. The manager can then focus on standards, quality and services to the students and staff. "An excellent system" the manager informed us. Do you require catering consulting?

Creative monitoring

Catering support servicesReflect Catering Consultancy Ltd been awarded a monitoring contract for a successful restaurant group based in London. We are pleased to be able to offer our experience and skills to assist and help our Client in managing their facilities operations.

Featured Review

Catering Health % Safety AuditsOur catering consultants review found instability on our Clients finances, and the report leads to an implementation plan to restructure our Clients financial catering services. We restructured the staffing, revamped the menus, added our control system, and achieved profit.

Need Advice?

Catering Financial ReviewsIf you require help and advice, then please contact us, we are happy to assist and offer advice to our potential and existing Clients. Reflect Catering Consultancy Ltd will provide you with a quality service at competitive price.